Monthly Archives: April 2013

Dyads and User defined chords

Changeling Sequencer 1.4 is available in the App Store today!

It’s been a while since 1.3, and I blame the developers of Rocksmith for that 😉

Seriously fun & addictive, but anyway:

This release of Changeling Sequencer brings two new types of chords you can select from the Chord dial.


The Dyad chord type adds the following voicings:

  • Root + Third
  • Root + Fifth
  • Root + Seventh
  • Rootless shell voicing: Third + Seventh

If you still feel that you are missing chord options the following feature might be for you!


The User chord type adds 5 voicing options that you may configure yourself!

You can do this in ‘edit mode’. Edit mode is activated by toggling the edit icon next to the keyboard lock. This icon is only visible when ‘user’ is selected as chord type.


After you enable edit mode, the keyboard scrolls to the middle root, and the scale degrees that are part of the user defined chord will be highlighted. You may toggle any scale degree on or off by touch (even the root note), as long as one scale degree remains part of the chord. It’s also possible to change the chord definition during playback of a recorded sequence, in order to find a chord that sounds right.

Have fun! And please send any support questions, feedback and/or feature requests to