DJ/Producer Maxime Dangles created a Max4Live patch for Changeling Sequencer, and emailed it to me!

 I made that for fun and to improve my max/msp knowledge.

The patch allows you to control and record parameter changes from Ableton Live.

But I guess it’s also convenient for Live users with several control surfaces because with this you can configure a fixed CC MIDI mapping from Live to Changeling.

You can download the patch here.

Thanks Maxime!


One thought on “live2changeling

  1. DF says:

    Thought Changeling’s MIDI out wasn’t working correctly, but it does! Great app. It’s already helping me tremendously w/ my track building (better chord tracks.)

    I hope you keep building this up. This will be a top 5 app for me and many others as you keep developing it.


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