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DJ/Producer Maxime Dangles created a Max4Live patch for Changeling Sequencer, and emailed it to me!

 I made that for fun and to improve my max/msp knowledge.

The patch allows you to control and record parameter changes from Ableton Live.

But I guess it’s also convenient for Live users with several control surfaces because with this you can configure a fixed CC MIDI mapping from Live to Changeling.

You can download the patch here.

Thanks Maxime!


In goes the MIDI

Changeling Sequencer 1.3 is available in the App Store now!

As some of you have requested after the first version was released, I have added a few ways of controlling Changeling Sequencer from an external midi controller.

In Diatonic mode:

The white keys on your physical keyboard correspond with the on-screen scale degrees; C = I, D = ii etc. The black keys are remapped to the serve the following functions:

  • Db: cycle scale down
  • Eb: cycle scale up
  • Gb: cycle root note down by the configured ‘modulation interval’ (default is semitone)
  • Ab: absolute root note change, the following key you press will be the root note
  • Bb: cycle root note up by the configured modulation interval

In Gated Input mode:

All midi notes that are not part of the current scale are discarded. This can be used for importing existing midi sequences into a pattern from an external midi sequencer/player.

When the Trigger screen is active in Changeling Sequencer:

Midi notes can be used to trigger patterns, the default mapping starts at midi note 48

Triggers are added to the queue unless the velocity is larger than 100, then they will change the pattern immediately.

You may use ‘midi learn’ to assign midi CC’s to the available parameters.


Forthinking, Vol. 2

This is awesome!
Jeff McLeod pointed me to a new recording of his:

I used Changeling on everything to control my synths (Voyager and Fizmo) and other apps (Molten Drum & Magellan). Every track on Vol. 2 features Changeling! Great fun, and it really allowed me to build all of these sounds.

Free Download!

Find more of his music on