Monthly Archives: June 2012

Changeling sequencer 1.2 released!

In response to your feedback of the last version Changeling Sequencer is now playing a lot nicer with other apps. This includes MIDI clock sync.

In addition, version 1.2 contains two new big features: Trigger mode and Tracks mode.

Trigger mode

  • assign/unassign sequences to one of the 16 pads with a longpress gesture
  • trigger a sequence instantly by tapping an assigned pad
  • add a sequence to the queue by swiping upwards on the pad
  • remove a sequence from the queue by swiping to the left on the queue
  • toggle the queue loop

Tracks mode

  • switch instantly between tracks, by tapping the track number
  • mute and or solo tracks, toggle multiple tracks with one swipe!
  • change the assignment of midi channels by tapping on the selected track number
  • split chords of one track across different midi channels,
  • by assigning a root midi channel that is different from the main channel.
  • activity indicators for each track

To complement these two new features a ‘clone’ button was added to the sequence browser, so you can make variations of entire sequences fast and easy.