First week – Thank You!

Wow! A BIG thank you for being the first to give Changeling Sequencer a shot.

Especially for the people who made the effort to write a review. Let me give you an overview of the feedback I have received so far:


This is awesome! Looking forward to updates. – ★★★★

by David Shamban
I’ve been looking for something just like this app for a real long time, a theory familiar app that can help guide the composition process with a little chaos to it.

The app is a little raw, particularly the saving mechanism, it’s really easy to overwrite something you made. There’s no way to duplicate either. It’d be great if the user was able to email a midi file. If this is addressed A+!


Vielversprechend! – ★★★★★

by nectardetector – Version 1.0 – Mar 10, 2012

Das ist eine richtig interessante App – gut durchdacht und ansprechend gestalted. Hoffentlich wird sie weiter entwickelt – mit mehr Einstellungsmöglichkeiten und Mid-Export.

Nice – ★★★★★

by Jöschi – Version 1.0 – Mar 7, 2012

Sehr nützlich, schlicht und übersichtlich.


I like it very much, but.. – ★★★★

by rafael_ollero – Version 1.0 – Mar 8, 2012

Need an update: to Save a recording, with tempo, chord, voicing..Data. Not create automatic recordings, I wan to crate by myself. Send midi file by mail. Thanks.


Interesting but not enough …. . – ★★

by zilonlazer – Version 1.0 – Mar 7, 2012

Interesting but not GOOD enough …. Where’s the VOLUME ??? and why It only sounds on the I-PAD 2 speakers ??? When I plug It to outside speakers … NADA – NOTHING – SILENCE …. I don’ t think I’ ll jam with It with a microphone near the I-PAD speakers neither ( LoL ) …. For 5 bucks … I should have some SATISFACTION ( like the song says ) . So BACK to the ” DRAWING BOARD ” my Dear(s) … and fix It so we can plug It to an AMPLIFIER and CRACK IT to the MAX !!! . Cheers . Z


Oh no – ★

by OooOooMrPeasley
Does not play in background…bit of an app flipping nightmare when recording. Also would be nice to be able to work on voices in other apps..whilst sequencer is playing. Needs background play mode!!!!……another money upfront app disappointment!


Jazzy!! – ★★★★

par Lotche
Pas mal du tout!
Permet de creer tres facilement des progressions d’accords.
Ca rend effectivement “trés Jazzy” et c’est plutot ce que je recherchais dans l’acquisition de cette app.
Il manquerai juste une quantification à l’enregistrement et une entrée Midi, ce qui je l’espère fera l’objet d’une prochaine mise à jour!

utile – ★★★★

par Matthieu FOURNIER
bonne appli qui s’avere tres utile pour tester diverses progressions d’accord et les utiliser par la suite. le rendu est tres jazzy mais c’est aussi un tres bon point. un petit bemol, pas de quantification et peut etre le nombres de modes dispo.

It’s a great feeling to read these constructive reviews! Even the low ratings contain really good feedback.

This is a real confidence and energy boost for further development, exciting!


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